Get Your Presentation or Poster Produced as an “ISSST Talk”

A lot of work goes into creating an exciting, informative ISSST presentation, and you’ll want something to show for it after the conference is over.

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Just pointing a video camera at the podium and hitting “record” doesn’t make for the most exciting results.  This video contrasts the typical research video log with an ISSST Talk — a  recording of your ISSST presentation or poster suitable for digital distribution.

To have your ISSST presentation or poster captured live in Oakland and edited into an ISSST Talk, check the box on the ‘Agenda’ page during the registration process, as shown in the video above.  $250 will be added to the cost of your registration at check-out, but if you aren’t satisfied with the results, your ISSST Talk fee will be fully refunded.

ISSST works with digital media expert Ben Creighton to create digital presentations that are concise, dynamic and suitable for Internet streaming, classroom use, and inclusion on your c.v. or project progress reports.   Every job is customized, combining Creighton’s multimedia knowledge with your expertise on the subject matter.

ORAL PRESENTERS who opt in to this service will have their presentation recorded live on-site.  POSTER PRESENTERS have two capture options: 1) with an interviewer (a poster judge, ISSST staff, or someone else of their choice), or 2) solo, as a monologue.

Powerpoint slides or graphics from the poster will be inserted to the final ISSST Talk video to create an attractive and informative finished product.

Here’s a full-length sample of the end product you can expect in your ISSST Talk.

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