Job Opportunity – Research position with US Army Engineer Research and Development Center

Join a dynamic research team within the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)!


DESCRIPTION:  Located in Concord, MA, the Risk and Decision Science Team of the Engineer Research and Development Center, Environmental Laboratory, is seeking a contracting research environmental engineer to join our team. The small team engages in multi-disciplinary research and decision support related to environmental management, civil and military engineering, risk analysis, and homeland security. The incumbent will work on environmental management and decision analysis projects, provide general support, and collaborate as a research team member in long and short term projects. These projects include both basic and applied research on cutting edge issues and applied decision support related to resource management throughout the nation.

Examples of ongoing and recent projects include:

  • Sustainability assessment and recommendations for USACE New England District.
  • Decision analysis for levee rehabilitation and salmon recovery in Seattle, WA.
  • Climate change vulnerability assessment for the City of Cambridge’s urban forests.
  • Adaptive management strategy development for Florida Everglades restoration.
  • Software development for dredged materials management and bioaccumulation modeling.
  • Enhanced adaptive management modeling for river mercury remediation in VA.
  • Prioritizing NOAA mandates to maximize ocean services using portfolio optimization.
  • Decision support software design for energy efficiency planning at military facilities.
  • Portfolio optimization models for cost-constrained civil infrastructure management.
  • Skill set ranking and evaluation for the Department of State to respond to future crises.

Future opportunities will be available to engage in research in the areas of:

  • Risk assessment and decision analysis
  • Uncertainty analysis in complex systems
  • Optimization & cognitive science
  • Value of information analysis
  • Value engineering and scenario analysis
  • Life-cycle analysis & economic principles
  • Nanomaterials and synthetic biology
  • Water resources & environmental science

QUALIFICATIONS:  Seeking M.S. or B.S. level candidates with backgrounds in environmental engineering or closely related disciplines. Experience with complex problem framing, optimization, statistics, decision analysis, programming, systems analysis, operations research, computational modeling and/or past research is preferred.  Must be a team player, able to multi-task, have strong written and oral communication skills, and able to publish and present work to clients and at conferences.  This is an entry level position, but we will consider candidates with 0-2yrs experience.

If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to Dr. Igor Linkov (; website:

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