Constant Evolution – the Next forms of the ISSST Logo

Colin Fitzpatrick (mentioned in a previous post with Xanthe Matychak) suggested to Tom Seager branding the ISSST logo with a sort of unity in mind with neighboring organizations struggling with similar challenges as the ISSST — including Electronics Goes Green and CareInnovations  which is a teaming up of Intel and GE.


In trying to move forward with better cross-integration of materials with these two organizations (perhaps links back and forth or even cross-embedding), creating a logo that could fit well with the other two is a symbolic way of strengthening our network ties.

Looking at the other designs for an ISSST logo we decided we wanted something very clean (perhaps cleaner than the ‘glowing’ design last posted) and something that could incorporate the green-city-scape design we had during ISSST 2013.

We came up with a variety of images combining color schemes, images, and text.  Respond with which lay-outs you like the best so we know how to move forward!

ISSST Logo 7_1

2 thoughts on “Constant Evolution – the Next forms of the ISSST Logo

  1. xanthm

    Great suggestion from Colin (not surprised). I like 2nd and 3rd on left column and 3rd in right column. Out of the box, for the win!!! (4/8 logos above are constrained within a box)

    1. Thomas P Seager

      The top on in the right column is my favorite because the letters are thicker, which makes it easier to discern the silhouette of the cityscape. The thing about this logo that I think is really cool is that it evokes the artwork we used for ISSST2013 in Cincinnati without being duplicative of it.


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