Meet the Speakers: Ed Sawicki

Meet Ed Sawicki

The theme of ISSST2013 is Innovation, which is why our opening plenary speaker is Ed Sawicki, Associate Director in Global Business Development at Procter & Gamble and winner of the 2006 P&G Global Phoenix award. Ed’s work at P&G as a global leader in P&G’s Community of Practice for Open Innovation has advanced collaborative partnerships in research and product development. Now he negotiates research agreements, sustainability agreements, and all global academic agreements. As part of Global Business Development, Ed encourages entrepreneurs and local governments to get involved early in the product development stage and fosters relationships between larger businesses and the fledgling ones.

Ed completed his BS in Chemical Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1981 and has been working at P&G ever since. He started in the Health Care R&D area, focusing on prescription and oral care projects, and from there transferred to Laundry, where he led white space market development and started P&G’s laundry business in Egypt, Turkey, India, and Central and Eastern Europe. He joined the Fabric and Home Care Purchasing department upon his return to America, where he ran line purchasing of around $700 million worth of chemicals and chemical innovation. He then assumed responsibilities for chemical innovation purchasing in beauty care, personal health car, oral care, pharmaceuticals, baby car, and tissue/towel.

In his opening plenary, Ed will introduce the ISSST2013 participants to P&G’s Open Innovation program, which represents radical change in the traditional model of innovation and product development by forging more than 2,000 partnerships with participants from all over the world. According to P&G, an open approach to innovation has “delivered dozens of global game-changer products to consumers, accelerated innovation development and increased productivity, both for P&G and its partners.”

Want to see what else Procter & Gamble is up to? Check out their page at:

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