Early Registration discount expires Easter Sunday.

Register before March 31st and get the Early Bird price, saving about $100.00 dollars.
Basic registration information is available on this page.  Hotel booking information, plane and transportation information, and event information are available under the Registration tab at the top of this page.  (Also to the right of this post is a button that will take you to Marriott Kingsgate’s page to book your hotel room with the ISSST’s group discount code).

It is highly recommended to register for Thursday’s Social Event as well, the Ohio River Dinner Cruise, where you can relax and enjoy the company of fellow conference attendees with food and entertainment.  May 16th, 5:30-9:30 pm, $50 pp.

Also recommended is Wednesday’s Pre-Conference Workshop led by Gabriel Grant, doctoral candidate at Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. The workshop will explore the pitfalls of sustainability and reoccurring conversations of sustainability that correlate with “being stuck” and the exploration of pathways beyond these paradoxes.  This is a free opportunity for May 15th, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Gabe Grant

In case you aren’t already familiar with the ISSST conference, these are the people behind it all:

Thomas P. Seager (Arizona State University)
Matthew Eckelman (Northeastern University)
Troy Hawkins (US Environmental Protection Agency)
Lise Laurin (Earthshift, LLC)
Chris Yuan (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
Jeremy Gregory (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Randy Kirchain (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Colin Fitzpatrick (University of Limerick)
Vikas Khanna (University of Pittsburgh)
Gabrielle Gaustad (Rochester Institute of Technology)
H. Scott Matthews (Carnegie Mellon University)
Braden Allenby (Arizona State University)

Additionally, this year’s opening keynote speaker is Ed Sawicki, Director of Global Business Development for Proctor and Gamble, and the editors attending the Editor’s Roundtable session are Dave Allen from University of Texis, Mary Ann Curran, sustainability consultant for BAMAC Ltd., Reid Lifset from Yale, and Martin Abraham, founding Dean of the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics at Youngstown State University. For more information on this year’s speakers, check out the page (though note, it’s still in process with further updates).

Have any questions?  Please email either Beth Shafer at beth.shafer@currenteventsco.com or Emilie Doering at edoering@asu.edu.


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