Introducing the Captain’s Dinner Cruise

Hello everyone!  This is actually Emilie Doering, the new administrative assistant (mentioned in New People and New Ideas).  It’s nice to virtually meet you.

Now, before we hit you with the first wave of “registration’s ready!” posts (more on that later), I wanted to explain what this Captain’s Dinner Cruise is, so it doesn’t seem like such a surprise on the registration form, and because it’s kind of my baby.

This was my first assignment when I joined the RCN team.  Add something different to the conference itinerary, something unique to the area, something that gives the attendees an opportunity to step out of the ordinary (and the hotel).  We investigated a couple different options, but the Ohio River kept calling.  The vote was in, Matt, Jeremy, and Troy asked me to schedule a dinner cruise.

I did my research and found BB Riverboats;

they had the perfect evening cruise with light entertainment and great food.  They were the most willing to work with us as we waited for registrations and numbers to come in.

The cruise is for Thursday night (May 16th).  Transportation will arrive at the hotel around 5:30 pm, the cruise boards at 6 and returns to the docks at 9:30.  Bring a light jacket if you think you’ll want to stand on the upper decks and enjoy the evening air.

So I’m inviting you to the Captain’s Dinner Cruise for some wining and dining!  And I hope you’ll consider it for this year’s ISSST conference.  If you have any other questions you can email me ( or check out the page about it on this website.

Thank you.  And see you in Cincinnati!

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