Special Events: Journal Editor Panel Discussion

I just watched an on-line interview with Dave Allen, Gertz Regents Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas – Austin.  Dave has started a new journal called Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering. It’s published by the American Chemical Society, which has an excellent reputation for both quality and reach.  In this brief clip from the full interview, Dave explains why now is the right time for the new journal.

This interview gave me an idea for ISSST2013 that Dave agreed to do.  I want to organize a panel discussion with Editors-in-Chief of new sustainability-related journals and books.  The panel will help the editors of these publications communicate with prospective authors and readers, and it will help the authors understand the scope of the new journal and how the review processes are structured.

There’s no shortage of new journals to choose from when thinking of editors to invite.  Nevertheless, you may nominate someone that you’d like to see on the panel simply by posting a reply on this blog.

3 thoughts on “Special Events: Journal Editor Panel Discussion

  1. Wes Ingwersen

    The Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management was just recently announced. It will be co-edited by Drs. Zhifeng Yang (Dean, School of the Environment, Beijing Normal University, China) and Sergio Ulgiati (Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Parthenope, Italy), and published by a midwestern US-based publisher, L&H. I don’t think they have a website yet but I can email you the PDF glossy. An except from the summary: ‘This journal is a peer-reviewed publication that aims at linking environmental and ecological science with complex system theory, in order to develop innovative knowledge about sustainable management of resources, ecosystems and human-dominated processes. In so doing the Journal will stimulate and provide visibility to efforts and results of scientists involved in resource use, environmental protection, sustainable technologies and process and ecosystem management, within a systems thinking perspective’. Your idea is a great one and I would encourage you to invite Dr. Ulgiati and/or Dr. Yang to take part! -Wes Ingwersen

  2. Thomas P Seager Post author

    Here’s a roster of Editors we’ve invited so far:

    Dave Allen (UTexas, J Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering) ACCEPTED
    Mary Ann Curran (formerly USEPA, Int J LCA) ACCEPTED
    Subhas Sidkar (USEPA, Clean Tech & Env Policy) PENDING
    Lijun Wang (NC Ag & Tech, J Sustainable Bioenergy Systems) PENDING
    Rich Howarth (Dartmouth, Ecological Economics) PENDING
    Matthias Ruth (Northeastern, Urban Climate) PENDING
    Reid Lifset (Yale, J. Industrial Ecoloogy) PENDING
    Martin Abraham (Youngstown St., Environmental progress and Sustainable Energy) PENDING


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